Opt for Propranolol as a Treatment of Heart and Circulation Problems – Get a Safe and Effective Medication

propranolol heart failure

Propranolol is a potent medication that is classified as a beta-blocker that affects functioning of the heart and circulation of the blood through veins and arteries. The medication is commonly prescribed for patients diagnosed with angina, tremors, heart rhythm disorders, different types of hypertension and similar conditions. Moreover, Propranolol can prevent heart failure and heart attack, as well as decrease the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Additionally, the drug may be used to improve other conditions that are not mentioned in the safety guide, though only following doctor’s recommendations.

Important Information Patients Should Be Aware of

Since Propranolol is a powerful medication that produces a drastic impact on the heart and blood circulation, it is inevitable to follow all the safety directions and instructions in order to eliminate possible risks and dangerous consequences. Thus, consult a healthcare provider right before the beginning of Propranolol treatment course to ensure the drug will produce the desirable effect without any complications. Tell a physician about other health disorders you have, including:

  • Severe kidney or liver diseases;
  • Depression;
  • Muscle disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Uncontrolled low blood pressure;
  • Thyroid issues;
  • Congestive heart failure and others.

Even though Propranolol is appreciated as a safe and effective drug, it can cause numerous devastating side effects if misused or overused. Do not take the remedy if you are allergic to Propranolol components, suffer from serious heart problems, are diagnosed with asthma or suffer from extremely slow heartbeat.
Moreover, Propranolol is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women, since its active ingredients may pass from a mother to a child and harm the health of an unborn or nursing baby.

Recommendations for Propranolol Use. Consequences of Its Misuse and Overuse

Taking Propranolol according to the given instructions, one may be sure he/she will never experience any complications or side effects. Follow the prescribed dose, duration of the treatment course and intake frequency without changes to get the best results. The dose may vary from 10 mg to 600 mg daily, depending on the severity of your problem and the condition of your general health.

An increased or doubled dose may lead to Propranolol overuse with its consequences being:

  • Severe allergic reactions;
  • Problems breathing;
  • Confusion, depression, frustration;
  • Skin reactions;
  • Liver and kidney disorders, etc.